Achievements Of Iran Air And Aviation Exhibition

At the Air & Air Show in Iran, which was held on the island of Kish with 100 domestic and foreign companies from Russia, Germany and Italy, they presented their latest achievements.

The construction of the jet engine and the first series of combustion chambers of the Fokker-100 engine are one of the achievements of the exhibition.

List of companies present at the exhibition:

Top Tours

Iran Aviation Technology Development Headquarter

Fidar Keifiat Parse

Kand-O-Kav Machine

Moje Fannavri Houshmand

Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council

Homafan Systems

Farzanegan Propulsion Systems Design

Iran National Space Administration

Fara Sepehr Iranian Approved Training Organization

National Geographical Organization

Aviation Industries Organization

Imam Khomeini Airport City

Tamin Sazan

Royan polymer

Baltic Bees

Iran Helicopter

Aviation Industries Organization

Research and Self Sufficiency of Jahad Organization


Daliran Airways

Pars Aviation Service

Iranian Sky Safety

Ya ali aviation industry center

Kish Air

Payam International Airport

Vista Turbine

Tolid Malzoomat Bargh

Behin Saze Ghete Zarin

Ebtekar Sanatgaran Etehad

Pump Gustaran Puya

Iran Aseman Airlines

Baal Industries

Simorgh Maintenance Aviation

Aram Azmoon

Iranian Aviation and space Industries Association

KFZO Port & Airport Management & Development

Iran Electronics Industries

Aron PetroTech Sharif

Farsco Aviation Mro Center

Lampur Aviation

Civil Avation Organization

World Ticket

Tida Type Training Center

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