Our Services


Our team, using modern techniques, has the ability to design systems that meet your requirements.
We are ready to do your needs assessment, feasibility steady, conceptual design, preliminary and detail design for whole system and its components. Of course, it performs by the best up to date tools and makes you comfortable. Just give us your requirements to design your system accordingly.


Different analysis should be performed before manufacturing due to reduce the failing operations. Farzanegan design bureau is ready for any analysis in this area such as CFD and FEM and etc.

Reverse Engineering

Farzanegan propulsion systems design bureau with deep knowledge and experience in high tech industries is ready to accept any order for reverse engineering of complicated systems and high tech parts.

Reverse engineering process is done by measuring, operational testing, extracting material properties, defining tests and necessary standards and producing executive plans with complete properties of test and delivery and also applying tolerance and will be delivered to customer.


The farzanegan propulsion systems design bureau is ready to carry out a variety of tests, such as: jet engine performance test, injection test and combustion chamber performance test with the most up-to-date accessories and facilities.


Farzanegan propulsion systems design bureau has the capability to perform repairs of various types of engines such as turbo jets, gas turbines, turbofans, turbo-prop and turbochargers at the earliest time by experienced and technical staff.

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